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Yesterday was one of the best days of the year, IMO – Selection Sunday. Today I discovered something combining my passion for March Madness with my passion of beautifully curated charts and infographics.


Nate Silver (statistician, avid sports fan and EIC of FiveThirtyEight) and Matthew Conlen (Brooklyn-based programmer) joined forces to create this incredibly cool interactive infographic mapping predictions to this year's March Madness bracket.

As a designer and interactive guy, I geek out over this kind of thing. But maybe you don't. If nothing else, maybe it'll give you a leg up on the competition in your office bracket challenge. Beats picking the team with the best mascot, coolest uniforms, or simply the favorite. Hell, if we've learned anything in the past from computer rankings (BCS, I'm looking at you) it's a complete crapshoot.


However, in the event you read more about the model in which these statistics and predictions were put together, you do so here.

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